Michelle Adam    Contact Michelle     Michelle's Website                                                                  Michelle Adam has always been a storyteller, spinning tales and telling stories as a child growing up in Switzerland, Spain, and the U.S.. She’s worked as a journalist and professional writer for 25-plus years, telling other people’s stories. But not until she became seriously injured in her late twenties did she begin to tell her own story and that of the earth and her magical mystery weaving. Today, Michelle shares tales from her novel, Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit, a story of a young, magical girl in southern Spain named “Duende” (a word meaning, “the spirit of the earth one must awaken in the remotest mansions of the blood”), who dances with Gypsies, travels with nature spirits below the sea, and follows dreams coming from her ancestors and supernatural vines. Michelle has performed events with Flamenco musicians and sound healers on the West Coast and New Mexico, while also working as a Spanish teacher, healer, and ceremonialist. She is available for events that offer participants an inspiring, healing, and soulful journey.         


Bob Kanegis -  Story Connection                                                                                                                   bob@storyconnection.com                                                                    http://storyconnection.com

Just imagine children and adults alike, fully engaged- learning, laughing, and participating actively in performances and workshops.  That’s my style...getting people of ALL AGES participating together to enjoy the wonders and benefits of storytelling.  I’ve been telling and teaching storytelling here in New Mexico and across the country for 25 years and my passion is undiminished.  I draw from a large repertoire of tales from around the world to bring your listeners programs designed to fit almost any theme. I also draw on my background as a camp director, naturalist and traveler, and season my stories with a heart-full dose of respect for the earth and other cultures.  In addition to performance storytelling, with my partner Liz Mangual, I offer workshops and residencies that address improving school climate, oral language development and strengthening families through family storytelling experiences.  Phone: 505-306-4476

Sarah Juba Addison       Contact Juba                                                                                                        Juba learned the art of storytelling from her grandmother Sarah Jane, a descendant of West African Griots. She is dedicated to performing, preserving and promoting traditional storytelling for people of all ages and cultures. Juba entertains audiences of adults, families and children with her repertories of folklore, fables and fairy tales, plus historical and inspirational stories. Juba encourages everyone to tell his or her story. Everyone has a story and by telling/ sharing your stories, you form a bridge for others to cross and get to know you, your culture and most importantly your history. Juba has performed at White Sands Monument, Fort Seldom, National Story League Convention, Border Book Festival in New Mexico and Chamizal Festival in El Paso Texas. Juba’s mission statement is: I share what I know so that others may grow. Contact her and she will share her stories with you so that you too can grow. Type your paragraph here.

Storytellers of New Mexico members include both professional and semi-professional tellers who contract independently to provide storytelling tailored to the needs of the recipient organization.

STNM's storytellers are listed below in alphabetical order.  

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Matilde Machiavello   (Bilingual Spanish/English)                                                    www.matildemachiavelloingles.wordpress.com                                           matustoryteller@yahoo.com.ar

Matilde Machiavellow comes to STNM from her adoptive home of Argentina.  Born in Uruguay, Matilde is a permanent US resident who enjoys sharing both fanciful and realistic tales in either her native Spanish, or in English.  Full of energy and joy for life, Maytilde's performances are charming and engaging for all.

Steven Plá  (Bilingual Spanish/English)                                                                                                          Visit Steven's Website                                                                          Contact Steven
Steven Plá has been telling amazing stories from around the world for over 30 years.  Steven brings tradition and wisdom from diverse areas of the world together in his telling.  A lifetime student of mythology, folklore, and history, he knows that story can be a bridge to understanding between cultures.  His stories promote a broader sense of belonging to a worldwide community of many peoples, all brought together by the magic of story.  Steven tells in English and Spanish, performs traditional Sea Chanteys, and leads the workshop, “Discovering the Storyteller in You.”

George Williams                                             Contact George

Hi, my name’s George & I’m a recovering Oklahoman. I was bred, born, and brought up there, but I didn’t have much say in the matter. I am grateful, however, to my parents & teachers, for they were the first people to suggest I pursue storytelling. They said the tales I spun to try & get out of trouble were far too entertaining for such limited distribution.  I think they were right. I’m a father, son, husband, writer, actor, director, and photographer, and cat lover…though not necessarily in that order.  I tell original stories that celebrate the human spirit.  

Elaine Muray – Embodied Voice Story Arts 

                                         Contact Elaine                                                                    embodiedvoicestoryarts.com
Elaine Muray integrates movement and narration to deliver tales from around the world as well as personal stories for ages 5-100.  She has performed at the Australian Storytelling Festival, Story Crossroads (UT), Stone Soup Storytelling Festival (SC), Taos Storytelling Storytelling Festival, Jemez Storytelling Festival, and Northlands Storytelling Conference. In 2008, she was chosen by her then Pacific peers to represent the 5-state region at the National Storytelling Network's All Regions Concert.  She did a 4-week storytelling tour to international schools in Colombia in 2015, Korea and China in 2017, and just returned from a late Spring storytelling tour of Chile and Peru.  Her new DVD, Embodied and Enchanted took the Storytelling Resource Award in the DVD category.  (See Member Publications page for ordering information). For more program and background information, please visit 

​​​​   Phyllis Bergman     Contact Phyllis       

  I tell stories to older children or adults. My stories center around self-empowerment, travel and       

  stories  with a "point," usually about growth and change. Many of my stories are suited for                   older girls and women. They often stress finding your own voice. Some of my stories are just

​  plain fun...others are  more serious. I can adapt a program to suit your particular needs.  I also

  have a collection of stories about  New Mexico’s first 100 years as a state, suitable for recent  

  centennial celebrations.  The photo at left shows Phyllis using storytelling as a teaching tool with young          people in the Kingdom of Bhutan, where she has lived for extended periods.  

Indiana Bones                            indiana.bones3d@gmail.com  


Emmy Award winner Indian
a Bones, (aka Mike McCartney), makes history and mythology come to life. Along with his pet dragon puppet Draco, Indy makes the stories of the past informative and rip-uproariously funny! He tells stories from Adventures, Myths (Greek - Egyptian - Aztec - Mayan - India and many more), as well as ancient Legends and Native American folklore.  He incorporates a bit of fact with large amounts of myth and humor.  Using, artifacts ( i.e a Crystal Skull, the Mask of Thor, a replica of Mjölnir), fossils (i.e. T-Rex teeth, the claws of an Allosaurus and a Unicorn's Horn ) and old bones, he delves into research about the ancient stories, myths or legends that may have developed around these items.  Adding his own colorful insights he tells stories of ancient civilizations and cultures with humor and a sense of ADVENTURE !!  Indy is the perfect performer for any audience from preschool, through school age, middle/high school, adults, seniors and families.

Nash Jones                                                   Contact Nash

Nash grew up in Albuquerque and recently returned home to New Mexico after 11 years away living in Portland, OR, and Oakland, CA. Nash performs live storytelling in the contemporary Personal Narrative form popularized through story slams and storytelling podcasts (á la “The Moth”). Nash is a natural storyteller who has always been a strong and performative communicator in their personal life and has worked in recent years to apply those skills to the stage. Nash has performed at the Oakland Story Slam, Bona Fide Storytelling, and Bawdy Storytelling in the San Francisco Bay Area; a story of Nash’s was recently featured on the Bawdy Storytelling Podcast (Episode 15) in January, 2017. Since returning home to Albuquerque, Nash has performed on the Lyin’ Dog stage and in The East Mountain Story Slam as a Professional Member of STNM. Off stage, Nash applies their passion for storytelling to engage audiences as a professional development and anti-oppression trainer, strategic communication consultant, podcaster, and student of improv theater.  

Liz Mangual  - Story Connection  (Bilingual Spanish/English)

                                                           liz@storyconnection.com                                                                     http://storyconnection.com  
Ever since I hid under the kitchen table to eavesdrop on the colorful characters that populated my childhood, I’ve been in love with stories.  I am a bilingual storyteller with years of working with children and families, from inner cities to rural villages.  I tell stories that capture the whole range of human experience, from funny and foolish to serious and mysterious. I’ve traveled from coast to coast-offering library programs and workshops in hundreds of communities.  In partnership with fellow storyteller and husband Bob Kanegis, our school residency programs were designated one of five exemplary programs by the NM Public Education Dept. 2008-2013.  Most rewarding  for me as a storyteller, is the joy I see on children’s faces as they listen and learn to tell stories themselves.  Phone: 505-514-5471.    

Joe Hayes                                              joehayes@newmexico.com

Joe’s tales are a combination of the traditional lore of the American Southwest and his own imagination. The traditional part is based on things people have told him or what he has learned from reading the work of folklorists and anthropologists. Joe’s own contribution is based on his instincts as a storyteller and what his experience tells him listeners need in order to feel satisfied with a story. He has visited thousands of schools around the U.S. and is working on his fourth decade as resident storyteller at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe. A whole generation of Southwestern children has grown up listening to Joe’s stories. He is an award-winning author and received the Talking Leaves Literary Award from the National Storytelling Network for serious and influential contributions to the literature of storytelling. He is a recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence and Achievement in the Arts, along with many other tributes/awards. Check out our Member Publications page for information about Joe's recent recordings on U-Tube of his entire repertoire - a gift to posterity!  Joe is also an award winning author, with 25 published books and three anthologies.  Learn more at Joe Hayes on Wikipedia.

Mauny Muray - Storytelling Magician   

                                                            Contact Mauny

                                                            Mauny's Website

Mauny Muray is an accomplished magician who enchants audiences, young and old, with his magical stories.  At times partnering with his wife, Elaine Muray, Mauny is creative, funny, heartfelt and a pure delight.  He is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of any audience.

Scott and Johanna Hongell-Darsee              jhdarsee@gmail.com                                                                                         http://www.hongelldarsee.com/

We have traveled far and wide to find the most beautiful, enthralling and mysterious songs, melodies and stories, to take you on a journey to far away islands, deep forests and magical gardens. We will tailor a program to fit your audience. We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but are happy to tour throughout the country.  Visit our
Member Publicationspage for information about Scott & Johanna's most recent CD, The Mountain King.

​​​​​Cynthia Dobson        Contact Cynthia      

Cynthia is an accomplished storyteller whose love of tales has taken her to collect tales and tell stories She has a Master's degree in multi-cultural education and her teaching experience in Mexico, New Mexico, and Canada has given her a unique perspective, not only on the differences but, more importantly, on the similarities in cultures.  From these experiences she chooses stories to share with others.  Bi-lingual and participatory programs may be arranged for schools, libraries, daycare centers, camps, as well as senior centers and nursing homes.

Regina Ress                        Regina@ReginaRess.com                                                                          www.ReginaRess.com


Tricksters & Travelers; Fools and Wise Ones; Heroes, Heroines, & Just Plain Folks! Award winning storyteller Regina Ress, who offers rollicking programs in English and Spanish for all ages, has been performing and teaching for over 40 years from Broadway to Brazil in international festivals (her latest is in India), grade schools and senior centers, from homeless shelters and prisons to Lincoln Center and The White House. 2017 marks her 25th year in NYC’s Hans Christian Andersen series in Central Park. Performances range from delightful folk tales to some of the world's great mythologies and original stories, including “Compassion, Generosity, and Grace: Stories from 9/11” about being part of the outpouring of help immediately after the attack.  Regina teaches for NYU’s Educational Theatre and TESOL/Foreign Language programs. She is Co-Producer of Healing Voices-Personal Stories, making short films raising awareness of domestic violence:      hv-ps.org 
Learn more about Regina's CD, New York and Me: We're in a Longterm Relationship on our
Member Publications page.

​​Kimberly Gotches     Contact Kimberly  ​    Kimberly's Website

A former youth services librarian from Chicago-land, Kimberly has nearly ten years of experience telling stories to children of all ages at libraries, daycare centers and schools.  Before that, she dedicated herself to older adults as a Longterm Care Case Manager, leading original storytelling, improvisation and writing workshops.  A winner of the Intergeneration 2013 Storytelling Contest, Kimberly tells folktales with ageless themes as well as personal stories that celebrate the powerful benefits of interfenerational relationships.  She draws from coursework in creative writing, acting, movement/dance, expressive art therapy and improvisation to offer dynamic stories and inspire interaction with the audience.  She can customize a program that will engage your community and will utilize her background in marketing to offer a press release with every booking.

Alan Kinner                                      alankinner@ymail.com

Alan L. Kinner is a unique and entertaining speaker and storyteller. His personal story of how he overcame a recent voice impediment is inspiring and fuels his passion for sharing his experience with others.  Alan  uses this passion in his stories to weave you into the imagination of your mind. All of his stories have an inspirational message and thought provoking twist.  Alan also teaches storytelling to bring your communication skills to a new level.  He is a member of Toastmasters and the National Speaker Association of New Mexico.

Sarah Malone  (Bilingual Spanish/English)   Contact Sarah                      Sarah Malone is a bilingual storyteller who has woven tales for children and adults for over 30 years. Through storytelling, Sarah breathes life into words – drawing the listener into another realm through the powerful relationship between storyteller and listener.  She is a published author, recording artist, a founding member of Storytellers of New Mexico and its current president.  Her award winning CD, (now out of print) “Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids” generated $30,000 in donations to peace causes.  Sarah has presented at the United Nations in NYC, the Four Corners & SOMOS Taos storytelling festivals, at numerous libraries and private functions and on safari in Africa.  As a beekeeper she enjoys bringing live bees to events focused on the environment.  Sarah received  the National Storytelling Network 2017 Oracle Award for Service & Leadership.  Given her work with STNM, including STNM's website maintenance, she no longer keeps a separate website.