Christina M. Castro, Ph.D., (Jemez, Taos Pueblo, Chicana)

María Teresa Herrera is an actor, musician and dancer from Albuquerque, New Mexico’s South Valley.  Maria Teresa is first generation Mexican-American, a proud Chicana whose passion for the theatre ignites her performances on stage.  You may have seen her in Real Women Have Curves, Blood Wedding, Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima, Shakespeare on the Plaza:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and Rosalinda with The Vortex Theatre to name a few.  She is a founding member of Hembras de Pluma, a collective of women of color who share stories as celebration and healing and who believe in the power of storytelling.  María Teresa is always looking for ways to craft her artistic vision to invigorate and promote performance; this vision has allowed her to become the co-founder of Wamba, a dynamic dance and drum ensemble melding contemporary and traditional Ghanaian dance and music.  When not performing on stage, Maria Teresa is serving her community at an ESL instructor. 

The actors in rehearsal.




Maria Teresa is the 5th of 7 children born to hard-working immigrants Emiliano Jr. and Celia from Mexico.  She credits them for all of her success, because without their sacrifice, strong faith and belief in tradition she would not be here and have the opportunity in this time and space to work with the beautiful women of The Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds project.  Maria is honored to be working with these talented, strong and creative women and knows that this could not be possible without the whisper and encouragement of all of the women’s collective ancestors guiding them.

Emma Membreño Sorto - Honduran Immigrant and Artist

Emma Membreño is an Honduran immigrant who learned to paint while living in Sanctuary in an Albuquerque church.  Emma graciously created our beautiful project LOGO, reflecting the contributions and life force of Women of Color across gender, racial and ethnic lines.  Thank you to our beautiful Emma!  You are an inspiration to us all!

Christina M. Castro, PhD (Jemez/Taos Pueblo/Chicana) is a mother, educator, writer, activist, dance instructor, and aspiring comedian. She recently completed her doctorate in Justice Studies from Arizona State University in the spring of 2018. Castro is co-founder of 3 Sisters Collective, a Pueblo/ Indigenous woman-centered collective based in Santa Fe that seeks to empower and build community through arts, activism, education and social justice. She thrives best living in her ancestral homelands.

Kim Delfina Gleason (Diné), Director, Two Worlds: Theater & Film

Deanna Allison Reines (Diné)  

Deanna Allison Reines is of the Zuni/Red Streak Running Into Water clan born into the Salt clan. Her maternal grandfather was from the Coyote Pass clan in Kinlichii, Arizona while her paternal grandfather was from the Zia clan in Tohatchi, New Mexico. She is Navajo from the Colorado River Indian tribes in Parker Arizona. Deanna has a diverse background that includes sports and fitness, multi-media arts, animation, film, and television.  She has been involved in acting and traditional Navajo performances since she was five.  Most recently, she was featured in the short film,  “Our Blessing” into “The Scared Mothership” produced by Two Worlds Native Film and Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Click here for her full biographical statement.

María Herrera (Chicana) 

Kim Delfina Gleason (Diné) Ms. Gleason is a Native Producer, Director, Actor and Entrepreneur from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her family is originally from the Diné communities of Window Rock, Az and Thoreau, NM area. At an early age, she began her musical journey as a cellist, where she trained over ten years and played with the UNM symphony orchestra in 1999-2000. She later ventured on to graduate from the University of New Mexico’s Department of Theatre and Dance in 2005, with an emphasis in acting and directing. Today, Kim is the Executive Director for Two Worlds, a contemporary Native theater and film organization, with a mission to promote Native writers, directors, actors, and filmmakers in theater, film, education and collaboration projects.

Kim will not only direct, but also form a member of the Two Worlds cast for this production.