Story Camp participants identify topics of interest for                                                                                afternoon breakout sessions on Saturday.  Past sessions have                                                                          included such topics as: Therapeutic or Healing Stories;                                                                              Personal/Slam storytelling; Storytelling with Children.  The                                                                        sky's the limit!  Bring your ideas and prepare to share with                                                                              your peers.  Plus, The Fitzgerald Center offers a number of                                                                            excellent locations for breakout groups, including the River                                                                            Walk and Drum Circle.

The Story Camp schedule includes time for open mic storytelling where you can share a story in progress or a polished tale with your peers.  Often, we keep going far into the night!  Story Camp also offers opportunities to connect with your peers from Colorado (and other western states), take walks along the Jemez River, walk the labyrinth, share meals and tales together and more.  

Interested in attending?  Do not delay!  Combined registration will be limited to 26 people, including the 2 presenters, and 4 organizers from Colorado and New Mexico.  That leaves only 20 slots for other participantsEarly Bird Registration ends: July 31, 2018. Final registration deadline is:  August 31st.

Follow these links to the registration page that fits you:

Registration for New Mexico residents and STNM Members

Registration for Colorado/Other Western State Participants

Breakout Groups

The New Mexico/Colorado Story Camp takes place annually, in the fall, rotating between locations in Colorado and New Mexico.  This year's event, scheduled for the weekend of September 14-16, 2018, is located at the beautiful Fitzgerald Center in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  

Join us for two fantastic workshops, breakout sessions, open mic storytelling far into the night, walks around the labyrinth or down by the river, and more.


Joe Hayes

New Mexico's Centennial Storyteller and acclaimed author presents:

                         Gimme That Ol’ Time Re-telling
                                Gather ‘round, you true believers, 
                  four-square folkies, born again liars and raconteurs.
                 Let’s jump and holler about the precious gift we give

                                           --and we receive--
                            when we honor the old, traditional tales.
                                    It was good for all the ages,
                                 For the prophets and the sages,
                                 Long before the written pages,
                                   And it’s good enough for me.
                                              Gimme that....

There is unlikely to be anyone of Joe Haye's stature as a storyteller, researcher, author and friend in the Southwest.  We are deeply honored to have Joe present a workshop about the craft of selecting, crafting, and presenting traditional tales.  Learn how these skills can support you no matter which direction your storytelling may take you, from the telling of traditional folk tales, myths, and legends to crafting personal stories for any venue (from story slams to the Moth).  

Rachel Ann Harding

Rocky Mountain Storytelling member presents:  

Music at the Crossroads - Where Story and Music Meet

Rachel Ann Harding, a storyteller, musician and author based in Boulder, Colorado, 

presents a workshop on the interface between storytelling and the use of

music.  Bring along your own favorite musical instruments, and prepare to

​be enchanted!  Plus, the Fitzgerald Center includes a Drum Circle space where

we may well apply Rachel's suggestions in an afternoon or evening jam 


Evening Story Slams​, Shared Meals, Networking, Free Time & More!



SEPTEMBER 14-16, 2018


18161 HWY. 4   (PO BOX 489)

JEMEZ SPRINGS, NM 87025-0489

Story Camp is filling fast -

Register soon to reserve your spot!