(L to R) Cynthia Dobson; Jude Snare & attentive listeners; Kate Lutz and Lise Nelson.


Joe Hayes , New Mexico's Centennial Storyteller and acclaimed author,

presented a workshop titled, "Gimme That Ol’ Time Re-telling."

Joe reminded us of the value and importance of telling traditional folk tales,

not only for the values and lessons they embody, but also for the connection

between teller and listener.  Storytelling is a form of nurturance for the listener -

like being touched in a safe and nurturing way.


                                                    Rachel Ann HardingRocky Mountain Storytelling member and

                                                                 presenter, gave a workshop titled: Music at the Crossroads -

                                                    Where Story and Music Meet

                                                                  Participants gleaned numerous ways to include music, rhythm, and                                                                        song in their storytelling, both as a way to engage the audience                                                                            literally and emotionally.  Everyone came away with concrete tools                                                                        for bringing their stories more alive through the use of music -- including a wide range of musical instruments from drums, rattles, kazoos, to wash boards!

As always, there was plenty of impromptu storytelling in the evening, with just about everyone participating at least once.

The following photos capture some of these performances -- and a bit of the camaraderie and joy of the experience.



SEPTEMBER 14-16, 2018

JEMEZ SPRINGS, NM 87025-0489

In 2014, through a grant from NSN and Parkhurst Brothers, the New Mexico/Colorado storycamp was born.  Since then, tellers join together annually for "Story Camp," a weekend of workshops, networking, camaraderie, and storytelling!


Plans are already underway for Story Camp 2019, in Colorado.  Weekend date is likely to be in September.  Contact your State Coordinator (to be named soon) with your thoughts/suggestions.  Watch this site for updated information.

Thanks to Sarah Malone, Phyllis Bergman (New Mexico) and Kate Lutz (Colorado) for planning the 2018 event.

Evening Storytelling - Friday & Saturday Nights

Breakout Groups

(L to R): Yvonne Healy, Elaine Muray, Laura Deal and Jesse Addison tell stories.

Breakout Sessions:  Participants identified a series of topics for group consideration including:  Choosing, Crafting, Telling Stories; Performance Skills and story shaping; How to keep state storytelling organizations relevant and strong; the intersection between traditional and personal tales; Marketing when the well is dry.  Following hour long breakout sessions on these topics, the whole group reconvened to share the essence of what each group discussed - including any conclusions reached!

(L to R): Phyllis Bergman, Bob Kanegis, Juba Addison, Anna Katherine, Sarah Malone