Storytellers Unite to Bring Books and Book Lights to Puerto Rico

STNM invites you to participate in providing books and book lights to children in Puerto Rico, following the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on the island.  Two of our board members, Bob Kanegis and Liz Mangual, have personal ties to the island and graciously did all the leg work to bring this project to fruition.  Now it's our turn to DONATE so that their vision can quickly become a reality!

Background Information

Power in Puerto Rico is not expected to be restored in many communities for months.  No one knows when many schools will reopen.   We are storytellers, book lovers and educators joining together to send books and book lights to bring comfort and to shorten the long dark nights ahead.

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the Island, we finally made contact with a young cousin there.  She described the long dark nights without power and children feeling  anxious and wondering how to spend their time. We remembered some of our own experiences in unexpected darkness.  We read to each other and told each other stories.  It was comforting and brought our family together.

Project Partners

  • A major children’s book publisher has pledged to help with  deep discounts for purchases.

  • A family owned business that makes a wonderful and powerful book light has offered to provide these lights, also for a very deep discount.

  • Best yet, we have found a grateful and willing partner, The Puerto Rican Family Institute (a non-profit agency) that runs Head Start Programs in 15 affected municipalities serving over 1600 children.  Many of these sites are still closed but PRFI staff are bringing their programs to shelters and darkened homes.

Long-lasting Impact​​

​Finally, long after the power comes back, the power of reading and reading together as a family will continue.  So your gift now, will truly keep on giving!

Project Funding

Funds raised will all be used for purchases of the books, lights, batteries and shipping expenses. Our goal is to provide at least one book to all 1600 children, as well as to their older siblings, and a book light to each household.

We are reaching out to you… our network of storytellers all around the world, to our families, friends,  to anyone who has ever been a little anxious in the dark and to everyone who has  experienced the pleasure of reading a book and knows the feeling of closeness of huddling together sharing a book or a story.

Ways to Give

  • Give through STNM:  Just click on the DONATE button below and give what you can through Paypal or Credit Card. 
  • Mail to STNM:  MAIL your check with a memo, "Puerto Rico Project" to: STNM, PO Box 1607, Cedar Crest, NM 87008.
  • Donate through Go Fund Me:
  • Thank you so much for your help and for sharing this campaign with your own network.

                    All donations channeled through STNM will be acknowledged and are tax deductible.   

                                    Unfortunately, this does not include the Go-Fund-Me option.

                              STNM is a 501 c 3 Nonprofit Corporation in the State of New Mexico.

The pieces are in place.  Let's get these lights and books to the children now!