Storytellers of New Mexico is but one of several groups in the state and nation that celebrate and promote the spoken arts. In many cases, STNM collaborates with and/or supports these organizations in view of our common goals and interests. Storytelling enthusiasts may wish to draw on the resources of these additional organizations.

Adobe Theater

The Adobe Theater has provided a venue for STNM's annual Tellabration free of charge for many years.  We deeply value our relationship with the Adobe, and support their work of storytelling through the medium of live theater.  Further, STNM's own, George Williams, is also active on the Adobe Theater Board of Directors.  Watch live theater in Albuquerque, including Noel Conrad's Blithe Spirit, (January 6-29, 2017), or W. G. Allen's Sanctuary (directed by George Williams) (February 10 - March 5, 2017).  For Ticket information contact the Adobe.

Albuquerque Folk Festival          
The Albuquerque Folk Festival is an annual event celebrating

folk artists of all kinds, including storytelling.  For information

on this event contact Dianne Rossbach, AFF Storytelling Event

Manager, 505-610-1071 or Contact Dianne

Albuquerque Theatre Guild       
Storytellers of New Mexico is a member of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild. This organization offers information and access to all manner of theatre arts in Albuquerque, as well as occasional workshops and other learning opportunities.

Four Corners Storytelling Festival           
The Farmington Public Library has hosted the Four Corners Storytelling Festival since 2000. This annual event brings together an eclectic group of nationally known and home grown storytellers, cowboy poets and musician/storytellers from across the United States.  This festival is unique in its spotlight on youth tellers.

National Storytelling Network   

For information on national storytelling festivals, storytelling education, NSN publications and more contact the National Storytelling Network.  STNM seeks a new liaison with the National Storytelling Network as our former liaison has had to resign from the position.  STNM is an organizational member of NSN, which yields a 10% discount to STNM members for membership in NSN.  Contact Phyllis Bergman for information on how to obtain your discount today! 
Contact STNM

As of December 2014, STNM’s own Sara (Juba) Addison, our Southern Representative on the STNM board, serves as Western Regional Director for the National Storytelling Network.  New Mexico is proud of Juba and impressed that one of our own is serving at the national level on the NSN board.  Thank you, Juba.

The National Storytelling Conference brings together National Storytelling Network (NSN) members, as well as individuals and organizations from the community, who are interested in the art and application of storytelling. Members and non-members present material appealing to attendees’ variety of interests and developmental needs.

CURRENT NSN NEWS is available on our Storytelling News Page.

National Youth Storytelling Showcase  
The National Youth Storytelling Showcase strengthens storytelling by promoting and teaching the art of storytelling among youth tellers.  The showcase takes place at the midwinter conference of the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Orem Utah.  STNM is the New Mexico liaison with the Youth Storytelling Showcase.  For information on application procedures and deadlines, visit the above website. 

Rocky Mountain Storytellers

Rocky Mountain Storytelling seeks to promote and perpetuate the art and practice of oral storytelling throughout the Rocky Mountain region – through facilitating communication and education, developing partnerships, and hosting events.  Since 2012-13 Storytellers of New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Storytellers have supported and collaborated with one another, most notably through a grant from the National Storytelling Network in 2014 to host our first annual STORY CAMP held in September in Colorado.  Watch this website for further information about the 2015 Story Camp scheduled for New Mexico, most likely in September.   

SOMOS Taos    

Two Worlds: Theatre and Film Company

​Established 2006 by Kim Delfina Gleason

TWO WORLDS is a progressive Native theater and film organization with a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire our diverse communities through theater, short films, and education/collaboration projects with a primary focus of creating an affirmative depiction of modern Native American life.  In 2018, Two Worlds is partnering with Storytellers of New Mexico to produce the ground-breaking, original storytelling/theater piece "Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds."  Click HERE for more information on this project.

Very Special Arts (VSA)

North Fourth Art Center is a contemporary art center with a social mission. Its independent nonprofit name is VSA Arts of New Mexico (VSA NM), affiliated with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. The center is dedicated to full accessibility in the arts for people of all abilities, ages, cultures and income levels.  It includes a gallery, performance and workshop spaces.

Wordcraft Circle of Native American Writers and Storytellers

​Wordcraft Circle's Vision: To ensure the voices of Native American and Indigenous writers and storytellers – past, present, and future – are heard throughout the world!

Wordcraft Circle's Mission: To support the work and words of Native and Indigenous people in order to strengthen the impact of their voices in asserting community sovereignty, individual self-determination, traditional and cultural values, and creative expression.


SOMOS, or the Society of the Muse of the Southwest, in TAOS,  hosts a storytelling festival in October each year. This is a great opportunity for tellers and listeners alike to enjoy a broad range of storytelling and storytellers from New Mexico and other states.  STNM routinely co-hosts a story circle at the annual festival and, as of December 2016, is also co-sponsoring a story circle at the SOMOS store in Taos on a quarterly basis.  Watch the Storytelling Events page for updates on these free gatherings.