This talented group of women is currently in rehearsal with Director, Kim Delfina Gleason.  We can expect an interactive, innovative storytelling experience (with Q & A after the Sunday matinee).  

Q Staff Theatre

800 Broadway

Albuquerque, New Mexico  87102

​November 9-11, 2018 (Evening performances plus Sunday Matinee with Q & A)

Synopsis:  Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds is an interactive storytelling/theater event featuring the narratives, experiences and cultural history of Indigenous Women. It presents a collection of shared moments that celebrate and empower the everyday women in society as they journey together in the world of ‘Spider Woman’- A Navajo deity who webs together their stories and moves them toward enlightenment. Free from the constraints of stereotypes and inhibition, this new work features the voices of Native American, Chicana, and Hispanic heritage women - honoring their sacrifice, beauty, and identity by the steps they have taken both past and present. Directed by Kim Gleason (Diné), featuring Deanna Allison, María Herrera, Christina Castro and Kim Delfina Gleason.

​​Sponsors:  Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds is a collaboration of Two Worlds Theatre and Film and Storytellers of New Mexico, with support from Red Planet , Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), Native Realities and the Aux Dog Theatre.  Find out how you, too, can support this project!

Two Worlds, founded in 2006, is a progressive Native theater and film organization with a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire our diverse communities through theater, short films, and education/collaboration projects with a primary focus of creating an affirmative depiction of modern Native American life.

Storytellers of New Mexico, founded in 1997, promotes, supports, and encourages the art, knowledge, and history of storytelling. STNM provides opportunities for anyone interested in storytelling to meet and engage in the art of storytelling and to bring storytelling skills, techniques and experience into new environments.

Interested in Participating/Supporting?  Those interested in promoting this project are encouraged to visit Support this Project on this website.  STNM and Two Worlds are endeavoring to raise $7,000 in support of this production, including online and direct donations; a  Project Kick-Off Celebration and fundraiser on August 12th.  Every little bit helps!  JOIN US!

 Thank you for your interest!

Kim Delfina Gleason, Director, Two Worlds                    Sarah Malone, Board President, Storytellers of New Mexico

Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds

November 9-11, 2018

(Left to right): Christina M. Castro, Ph.D. (Jemez/Taos Pueblo/Chicana), Deanna Allison (Diné),  Director and actor, Kim Delfina Gleason (Diné), and María Herrera (Chicana). 

Telling My Story:

Bridging Two Worlds


A collaboration between Two Worlds: Native Theater & Film and Storytellers of New Mexico, Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds, is an interactive storytelling theater event centering the narratives and experiences of Women of Color.  Director Kim Gleason (Diné) is already working with selected Women of Color artists, to create a sacred space to share their stories on stage.  Production POSTER !

Special thanks to Emma Membreño for our beautiful project LOGO, created while living in Sanctuary in an Albuquerque church.