Telling My Story:

Bridging Two Worlds

Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds


a collaboration between Two Worlds: Native Theater & Film and Storytellers of New Mexico, is an interactive storytelling theater event centering the narratives and experiences of Women of Color.  Director Kim Gleason (Diné) is already working with selected Women of Color artists, to create a sacred space to share their stories on stage. 

Special thanks to Emma Membreño for our beautiful project LOGO, created while living in Sanctuary in an Albuquerque church - 2018.

STNM is partnering with and Two Worlds Theatre and Film are collaborating on a joint venture to provide space and opportunity for women of color to tell their own narratives.  The following is a project description.

About:  Telling My Story: Bridging Two Worlds is a collaboration of Two Worlds and Storytellers of New Mexico, with support from Red Planet and Native Realities.

Two Worlds, founded in 2006, is a progressive Native theater and film organization with a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire our diverse communities through theater, short films, and education/collaboration projects with a primary focus of creating an affirmative depiction of modern Native American life.

Storytellers of New Mexico, founded in 1997, promotes, supports, and encourages the art, knowledge, and history of storytelling. STNM provides opportunities for anyone interested in storytelling to meet and engage in the art of storytelling and to bring storytelling skills, techniques and experience into new environments.

What:  Two Worlds and Storytellers of New Mexico will partner to provide three to four performances in November 2018 presenting a cohort of Women of Color (including, but not limited to, those who identify as Native American; Black and African American; Hispanic, Latina, New Mexican, and Chicana; Asian and Pacific Islander; Middle Eastern and Muslim; Mixed Race; and LGBTQ Women of Color) telling their own life stories and/or the stories of those who have given permission for the performer to interpret their story. 

Kim Gleason (Diné) will work with selected artists to develop a full play for stage using mediums of theater, film, and performance art.   Participants can expect about 22 hours of rehearsal time and will be paid a baseline honorarium of $500 (with a potential increase dependent on ticket sales).

Why This interactive storytelling/theater event provides Women of Color the opportunity to share their own narratives and experiences using such themes as: Healing and/or Traditional Medicine, Empowerment, Society and Culture, Family, Self-Identity, Gender, and Race and Racism.  Other themes may emerge from the participants themselves.  Two Worlds & STNM believe strongly in Women of Color telling their own stories, in their own voices, free from the constraints of cultural and other stereotypes.

When:  A one weekend performance (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & possibly Sunday matinee) is planned for  November 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2018 at the CNM theater.  

Co-Sponsors:  Many thanks to Native Realities, Red Planet Books, and CNM Theater Department for co-sponsoring this event together with Two Worlds and Storytellers of New Mexico.

Interested?  Those interested in promoting this project are encouraged to visit
Support this Project on this website.  STNM and Two Worlds are endeavoring to raise $7,000 in support of this production, including online and direct donations; a  Project Celebration and fund raiser on August 12th.  Every little bit helps!  JOIN US!

 Thank you for your interest!

Kim Delfina Gleason, Director, Two Worlds                    Sarah Malone, Board President, Storytellers of New Mexico